Exactly Why Preventive Care?

Early diagnosis is paramount to averting costly and painful dental treatment. Plaque and calculus tend to be the primary cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Prevention is fundamental to keeping them under control. The major reason for tooth loss in adults is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is known as the silent killer of teeth since nearly all patients feel no symptoms until it is too late. One of the most effective ways to treat gingivitis is to catch it early. Preventive dental care visits can find these problems before it is too late.

Preventive Technology

In the course of preventive check-ups and recall visits, we take care to guarantee the continuous health and wellness your teeth. Particularly, we aim to protect against cavities and disease through the use of:

  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments and sealants
  • Preventive periodontal (gum) exams
  • Mouth cancer screenings

Preventive Services

Because we would like our patients to achieve optimum dental health we recommend that preventive exams and dental cleanings be performed every six months at our office in Alpena. In the course of preventive exams, we are able to identify issues when they are small and quite simple to treat, frequently preventing costly much more involved solutions later on. Your individual preventive visits will also include education about how exactly you can best maintain your gums and teeth at home to help keep them healthy. A successful, at-home, oral care regimen is important to having a healthy mouth.

Within a preventive examination, Harbor North Dental looks for:

  • any indications of tooth decay
  • gingivitis
  • chipped or leaking fillings
  • damaged, chipped, or injured teeth
  • sores that may result in major complications if left neglected

At Harbor North Dental, we encourage you to inquire about any concerns you have including:

  • halitosis (smelly breath)
  • crooked or congested teeth
  • stained teeth
  • tooth or mouth area pain
  • overgrown gum tissue
  • absent teeth
  • unattractive, outdated dental work
  • persistent snoring
  • wobbly or poor-fitting dentures and/or partial dentures

Oral Cancer Exam

Probably one of the most vital facets of our preventive exams is oral cancer testing. During this year alone roughly 35,000 men and women in America will be told they have oral cancer. An oral cancer screening can be a life saver. The earlier oral cancer is detected and treated; the better the chances of a positive outcome.