Dental Cleanings

Dental health is tied closely to overall health—meaning that poor oral hygiene can actually cause gum disease as well as heart disease, stroke, and many other major health conditions. Combining good oral hygiene practices with regular dental cleanings is extremely advantageous to you in many ways. Dental cleanings can:

  1. Remove plaque, which is an acidic substance that builds up on your teeth and destroys tooth enamel, causing cavities
  2. Lower your risk for diseases such as stroke by allowing the dentist to detect symptoms of these conditions in their early stages
  3. Give you a brighter and whiter smile by removing built-up stains caused by substances such as tea, coffee, or tobacco
  4. Get rid of persistent bad breath to keep your mouth healthy and boost your self-confidence
  5. Prevent tooth loss from gum disease
  6. Identify oral cancer in early stages through screening at every dental cleaning
  7. Save money for you in the long run by maintaining your oral health so that you can avoid more expensive treatment procedures in the future